A Sappy Post

I really thought about exercising today. But I went to a sugarhouse instead. This particular one is on the Mohawk Trail in Shelburne, MA.

Here is the part of the house where they boil down the sap to make the maple syrup. It takes something like 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup.

They didn't serve salad there so in order to make sure I got a serving of vegetables, I had a couple of corn fritters. It's important to eat right. On the side is a bowl of pickles. They are supposed to help counter the sweet taste of the syrup. I didn't feel that was necessary.

I ordered three blueberry pancakes with sausage. Summer is coming you know, and my ass has just not grown big enough from sitting around all winter drinking Sam Adams. This breakfast should fix that.

After eating, I went out to Dick's sporting goods store and bought a heavy bag (the kind you punch). I'm going to try boxing in my basement. I'm hoping to like it enough to stay motivated to work out. On a side note, someone told me recently that they see more lesbians in Dick's than they do in Home Depot. Then the thought ran through my head that lesbians must love Dicks. It didn't sound right. I'm done thinking for today. I need to go hang up my bag and punch away my pancakes.


Anonymous said…
You two had a more successful visit to a shack than we did. Congrats! I would have been all about those pickles! :) YUM! Pancakes, syrup, corn fritters...not so much. Rock on! H&B
Anonymous said…
MMMM...I love fresh syrup!

Love the Dick's reference too! There no faster way to run J off than when the topic of real dicks comes up. lol
Anonymous said…

i started out intrigued by the pix.

then got completely taken in by the pickles and corn fritters.

and then you went there.

fun post.
Anonymous said…
Yes, Lesbo, Dick's is a apparently a requirement now for us all to keep our membership in the club. I think I saw at least two sisters while I was shopping.

H&B - Next time, we must all go to the sugarhouse together. I want to see if I can eat more pancakes than Billy. Looking forward to seeing you two tomorrow and have a Guinness or two or eight.

LOL Lilli. I think if I owned that store, I would call it Richard's.

Hey Lyn! Glad you got a little chuckle out of this. Pancakes and pickles and Dick's, oh my.

Good food Blondie. Next time I'll just paste it on my thighs directly.
Anonymous said…
LMAO @ lesbians and Dick's. Obviously I don't spend enough time in there because I never see lesbians in ours.
Solo said…
You are too funny! We don't have Dicks in Texas. I'm gonna hafta look into that...'where do Lesbians go if they don't have Dicks...'
Oh Pixie - you need to check out the ones near Northampton, Mass. I think that's where they are all hiding.

LOL Solo. I'm not sure about that but I think they may go to Wild Hearts in Ptown.

LOL Chewy. That is good to know. I imagine the only balls on that site are ones I do not want to bounce.
Janet said…
HA lesbians in Dicks - funny I see an ad campaign.

Those pancakes do look good - so where is my maple syrup?
Unknown said…
lol your maple syrup experience sounds awesome!
Anonymous said…
Can I have the pickles if you are not going to eat them?
Hey MLC! If you eat maple syrup, then I don't feel so guilty. It must be healthy!

Hi Ellie! I'm thinking I may go back this weekend. Sugarhouse season is only a couple of months so one needs to take advantage of the opportunity.

Hi Otter! I did eat a few of them but then decided it was best to just stick to the sugar. Sure, I'm willing to share!
Anonymous said…
One of my favorite parts of western mass. Except when the sugar shack only has an outhouse. That, I do not like.
A. said…
I like the Sam Adams winter lager so much I'm stocking up on it for spring. And I'm not even a regular beer drinker.


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