I started working out on my heavy bag tonight. Something tells me I need to invest in the more expensive padded gloves. The neoprene ones I was wearing are a tad thin I think.

If you think my hand looks beat up, you should see the bag.

Well, not really. The bag is fine. As a matter of fact, round one goes to The Bag. Just wait till tomorrow. 


Anonymous said…
Your hand looks pretty bad just two hours after the event. It should look (and unfortunately, feel) much worse tomorrow!

Poor CJ. Do you want me to get you an ice pack for your hand?
Solo said…
Sure hope you're right handed! ;)
Soak it in Witch Hazel to prevent too much soreness, ok, Rocky??
Landlady of Fat said…
Windy Days said…
Yikes! Couldn't you just Tae Bo or Jazzercise?
Spacey Stacey said…
wow! that looks painful!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Until your hand gets better, try head-butting the ol' bag.
Anonymous said…
Hi Blondie,
Knock some sense into that girl!
wow...are you sure you were even wearing any gloves? got a lot inside to get out? lol doens't it feel good to do that?
Anonymous said…
Janet said…
OUCH! New gloves right away.
Anonymous said…
Maybe Billy shouldn't have hung that bag! Be careful CJ! H&B
Did you wrap those paws before you put the gloves on?
fyi- if punching the bag is going to be a regular event for you, i suggest a barrel full of uncooked kidney beans. toughen up your skin. seriously.
Hey thanks for the tips everyone. I got some thicker gloves and the bruising has almost disappeared.

Hey Frank - Thank you for stopping by. Regarding the uncooked kidney beans - do I eat them or soak my hands in them?
the beans are for punching!
LOL Frank, that does make more sense!

Hey Stacy - thank you for visiting. Feeling much better now and ready for a few more rounds!
otter said…
can you get arrested or assaulting yourself???

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