Holes In My Head

There's nothing I like to do more than spend a relaxing afternoon with friends, eating, drinking, and getting pierced. And no better place to do all of the above than Northampton, Mass.

Miss H came in the room with me and shot these photos. I had my ears originally pierced years ago, but they were constantly getting infected every time I wore earrings and so I just stopped. This time I did it right and went to a professional piercer. I had my first two holes re-pierced in October and everything has been great since. I went back yesterday to finish the job. Really, I can't emphasize enough how much better it is to go the professional route and skip the piercing gun at the mall. You can hardly feel the needle and it's over in about a second. 

This of course, led to the drinking topic of what you should and should not pierce. I'm thinking I may go for a couple of more holes in the ears, but I wouldn't do anywhere else on my face. Going lower of course, is always an option. I actually think piercings between the neck and the lower abdomen look quite nice. Any lower than that just sort of makes me feel a bit queasy, mostly because I would think the healing process might be a bit uncomfortable. 

Ok, who has holes where?


LilliGirl said…
I have 9 in my ears and 1 in my nose. I like them in the belly button but having 3 kids left my belly less than pretty in my eyes.
i dont have much, and i think they look pretty cool on people, but i just can't quite stomach tongue piercing...
Anonymous said…
I have 4 + 2 holes in my ears.
One set done at the mall.
Another set done at the mall a few years later.
A fifth hole done at home by a friend with ice, a rug needle and a potato behind my ear. No sweat and FREE!
The last one back at the mall. In the upper part of my ear through the cartilage. This one hurt the most and took the longest to heal.
Anonymous said…
You were a trooper! Thanks for letting me be part of the experience. :) Another totaly impromptu day of partying with the girlz! We love it. Fire up for the Hooley (spelling?) this coming weekend. Get your "flare" ready. H&B
Janet said…
You know I'll do tattoos but piercings are a problem for me - they hurt. So I only have two in my ears and no interest in anymore.

Now if she has piercings -- wee and why not?!
dykewife said…
i now have 5 in my left ear, one in my right and a hole through my left nostril. in a couple of months i'm getting another in my left ear...i'm going for a tear strip and a few more :D
Anonymous said…
The only thing pierced on me, and the only that will ever be pierced on me, are my ears. Now there's just one in each, but years ago in high school and college I had 5 in the right and 3 in the left.
Solo said…
I am also freakishly not afraid of tattooing but get a little queasy with piercings.
I have the usual ear studs and another piercing "below the neck but above the waist." Since I am of the more butch inclination, I have more tat's than piercings.
I appreciate the info', just in case!
weese said…
i remember getting my second hole in my left ear in high school. we did it with a saftey pin after 'freezing' my ear with an ice cube.
it was so very important to pierce the LEFT ear - because having a second hole in the other ear meant you were gay.
ha.. if I only waited just a couple short years.
lesbo said…
I love tastefully done tats and piercings. To each her own, right?
I've got the two standard ear ones, tragus, nose (totally my favorite--I think nose piercings are so damn cute!), and I've had my eyebrow done 3 diff times but had to remove for various reasons.

Do you have any tats?
Ok, so I feel like a real plain vanilla Jane compared to all you gals.

Hey Lilli - Nine!? Only 6 more to go before I catch up. I like the belly too - although I don't think I could do it.

Hi Ms. Creek - No way could I do a tongue. I would cry.

Hey Amy - 12 tats - very cool. Ok, where and what are they? And if you have 12 of them, you are no way a wuss.

Hey Chewy - Are you serious? I can't believe the rug needle through the ear and into the potato didn't hurt like crazy. I'm thinking about getting the upper ear one next.

Hi H! Thank you for being such a good sport and coming in with me. What a fun afternoon! But just when did I go back for the nipple piercing? Was that after the shots?

Ummm MLC - I have seen that beautiful tat of yours on your blog and I would bet it was a little painful. I think you are a trooper. It is an awesome tattoo.

Hey Dykewife - For some reason, I like the look of having more in one ear than the other. Did the nostril one hurt?

Hi Sassy - Wow, you went from 8 to 2. So you let the others close up?

Hey Solo - I just think getting a tattoo would be so much more intense than getting a piercing. What's your favorite one?

Hi Weese! That is too funny. We used to say left is right, right is wrong in order to remember which one we were supposed to pierce. Safety pin and ice - ouch!

Hey Lesbo - I admit it, I had to google tragus. I like that! Looks like it would be a little painful to get but I imagine the eyebrow didn't tickle. No tats on me just yet but I keep thinking about it.
I find by drinking four jello shots and then DIPPING the ear in tequila, it somehow helps.
Cristina said…
Hey CJ just my industrial in the ear along with the plain GI Janes but working on the Tatted Leg Almost finished u should c it.

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