Happy St. Patrick's Day From The Girlz

Cierra: Should I bite her in the ass or do you want to?

Coco: I only have five teeth left. It may make a bigger impression if you do it.

Cierra: Ok, you distract her by peeing on the rug. When she bends over to clean it, I'll get her.

Coco: Will she ever stop thinking this is funny?

Cierra: I doubt it. She's warped. Ever read her blog?

Coco: I used to, but it kind of sucks.

Cierra: Yeah, that post yesterday about the tea was so lame. Borrrring. Wonder what she'll write about today. Probably some stupid joke like what's green and Irish and sits in your backyard on St. Patrick's Day? Paddy O'Furniture.

Coco: That's just stupid.


lesbo said…
Hahahaha good one!
Anonymous said…
i'll hold the ladder for the girlz...

(and this time i'll try to remember to do the word verification before i hit enter...)
LilliGirl said…
too funny! Wish i had that joke to pass to the little ones before today, but they'll enjoy it tomorrow.
Anonymous said…
So the peeing and biting is payback for the outfits? ;)
M said…
Love the pup photos! A day late but happy St. Patrick's Day to you!
Anonymous said…
Payback bites!
Anonymous said…
The Girlz could technically share one of those fancy festive headbands!
A. said…
lol. I'm sure mine have similar things to say around Halloween.
Glad you got a chuckle out this Lesbo!

Oh no Lyn. The girlz don't need any help getting up close and personal.

I modified the joke a bit Lilli. I think it may be a little better now.

Hey Amy! I'm not sure what happened there. I know I had signed on as a follower previously. I was surprised to see I was missing from your followers!

Hey Pixie! The peeing is happening a bit too much. The carpet is just about ruined. I wish the kitchen floor was as appealing as the rug.

Same to you Mav! Glad you like the picture of the girlz!

It does Chewy. Although they really are good so I can't complain. Except when they pee on the bed. Not good.

LOL TwoLadies! They certainly could. Cierra looks like that poor dog in The Grinch.

Hey A! I think deep down the girlz secretly love dressing up. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

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