Snow Donuts

I was at a birthday party yesterday for my great-niece (yes, my niece's daughter - don't let my youthful looks fool you). We ordered several pizzas and were having them delivered. My sister asked me what we should give the delivery person for a tip. I said "How about don't eat yellow snow."

With that in mind, here is another little tip. Stay away from snow donuts. The girlz are working on making a baker's dozen or so, right at the bottom of the front door steps. I guess if I was forced to pee outside in January in New England, I wouldn't head for the snow bank either.


SassyFemme said…
My Molly (who's 45 pounds) barely steps down off the deck right now to do anything. I swear she'd go on the deck if we let her!
Hey Amy! The snow is great for hiding all the mess isn't it? I think I am in for a bit of clean-up as well.

Hi Sassy! I can't say I blame Molly! One of my girlz has taking to peeing in the garage when I attempt to let her out through the garage doors.
weese said…
if our dog (granted she is huge) starts squatting to close too the house we make sure she is clean on our displeasure.
she's just got to buck up. :)

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