Snow Bush


Velvet Ginger said…
That's sure pretty !!!!
(um pretty cold that is)
Actually it is quite lovely!
LilliGirl said…
Awesome pic! I can't wait to get some time outdoors with my new camera too!
oh yeah, now i see why you enjoyed vel's daffodils! that bush is sure beautiful in the snow, tho!
Anonymous said…
Great shot of your frozen bush. (giggle) Did you take this photo on Sunday? I was outside shooting too. The shadows on the snow were pretty cool.
Hey Rubye Jean - Cold is right! And get colder this week. I think I need to take a trip to AZ.

Thanks Lilli! The winter sun makes for some interesting shots (and very cold hands).

Hello Ms. Creek! Thank you! Yes, I really enjoyed the daffodils over at Vel's. I went to my happy place when I saw those sunny yellow flowers.

Hey John! Smiles right back at you!

Thanks for the visit Belhoste! I'm digging your cool blog!

LOL, thanks Chewy! I don't think my bush will defrost at least until early spring. What's a girl to do?
Anonymous said…
CJ you have a really, really nice bush. =)
A. said…
Oh, how I miss MA.


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