I Need A Nap

My poor old tired noggin,
Has really had a floggin',
And I'm having trouble bloggin'.

There's a lot more thinking involved with a new job. The old adage "good enough for government work" does not seem to apply to all organizations. So, in order to optimize my brain power, I have been hitting the rack by 9:00 pm all this week. Hoping to get back into the groove soon. Until then, sweet dreams all.


Janet said…
Rest up -- glad the new job it going well.
your brain will get used to it! just like your muscles getting used to workouts!

rest up, sweetie!
Anonymous said…
wow. and to think i'm only wiped out from going back to the same old job... gotta love a new challenge.
SassyFemme said…
Get some rest, we know how to find you when you're up to blogging again.
Anonymous said…
Yes, get your sleep... keep a limit on Martinis too. Sounds like you need all your brain cells. (grin)
Anonymous said…
Going to bed early ROCKS! Take it from us! Love, H&B
Velvet Ginger said…
It's really rough learning a new job, I feel for you! Getting a good nights rest (especially with that commute) is the best thing to do for yourself! I am sure everything will click and you will be outstanding!
Solo said…
CJ- THANKS FOR THE LINK on your blawg and for the comments you left on mine! I certainly appreciate it!
Stay warm, Homegirl.

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