Can I Catch That On DVR?

Despite the excitement of "The L Word" premier last night, Cierra Belle could not make it past 8:00 pm. 

So, any of you who did watch the show, what did you think?  I think it's off to a great start and going to be a very interesting season.


Velvet Ginger said…
I missed that...I was watching football then Masterpiece Theatre.
What a cutie there all sacked out!!!
SassyFemme said…
It looked good to us, but not good enough for us to subscribe to Showtime for just that show. I'll anxiously await the DVD.
Mon said…
Sadly, I don't get showtime, I'll have to wait for it to come out on DVD.

Great word verification today...

Wineste, sounds like something out of Napa Valley.
L Word?

Forgot about the premier and I just got Showtime - dammit. I just wanted to see Jenny die.
Anonymous said…
Well... my first remark as it ended was 'that was lame'. I'm gonna gag if Shane and Jenny hook up, but they clearly will.

Of course, I spent the whole show saying 'ah ha -- remember that, it's going to be important'. Reality is I probably won't see the rest of the season until a marathon on demand session later in the spring...
Solo said…
Okay, I'm gonna clue y'all in on how to watch L Word (et al) w/o having to subscribe to Showtime.
First, check - The Premiere episode is still up for viewing.
Second, by Monday afternoon, the episode from the previous Sunday night can typically be found on
If that doesn't work, bribe a lesbifriend who has TiVo.
Hey Velvet - I'm rooting for the Cardinals!

Hello Sassy! For the past few years I've had the subscription pretty much just for the L Word. Now I'm hooked on Dexter too.

Hey OC! I'll have to make sure I don't give anything about the show away until you get your video. I'm digging your word verification.

Lori you forgot? All right, you need to catch up before next week!

Hi Lyn - You think Jenny and Shane will hook up? I wasn't thinking that, probably because I don't want to see that. But then again, any hook-up involving Shane grabs my attention.

Solo, you rock! Thanks for sharing the scoop.
Anonymous said…
Cute pooch! Congrats on your new job. I did see the L Word premiere. I was stoked to see Xena (Lucy Lawless) as the cop. I think it will be a good season. There are so many subplots to wrap up that I'm wondering how they are going to manage it.
Blondie said…
Shane and Jenny hooking up? But I thought she was dead? Oh but her face wasn't covered so maybe she is still alive?

Xena was the cop? I will have to go back and review. Somehow I missed that.
A. said…
Aw, how cute. I've actually never seen the L Word, but I did catch a few minutes of it last week. I really enjoyed Queer as Folk...isn't the L Word basically the female version of it?

Hey thanks Karen! I didn't know that was Xena. I just wished they were doing more than 8 episodes this season. That disappointed me a bit.

I think Jenny may pop up off that stretcher yet Blondie.

Hey A - yes, the L Word is sort of a female version of Queer as Folk. I really like it. I'm bummed this is the last season.

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