First Day Was A-Ok

I started my new job today. Things are going well so far. My commute has improved - I left home 50 minutes later and got home 1 hr 45 minutes earlier. And I actually have an office. I share it with two other people but it's nice not to be floating in a sea of cubes.

With the holidays and the stress of ending one job and starting another, I haven't had time to do much blogging. But I am hoping to get in a routine soon once again, and get back to visiting all my blog buddies.

And I had a nice surprise waiting for me when I got home today. The hand painted Poinsettia Art Card I had been lucky enough to win over at Chewy's blog arrived today and it is even more beautiful to see in person. Thank you Chewy!


SassyFemme said…
Yeah for good first days! Of course you'll have more time for blogging, look at all that time saved in your commute. You can blog all that time. LOL
DawgDyke said…
So does it have the new job smell? lol

Holidays are rough for blogging, even I'm guilty of taking a few days off!
dykewife said…
yay for new jobs and pretty cards!! yay for shorter commutes, longer sleep and more time to relax!!
Velvet Ginger said…
Oh great, you got it! Can't wait to get mine!
Cj, I am so happy that your new transition is going well. Having a shorter commute is awesome!!! A great way to start out a Happy New Year!!!!
Anonymous said…
Good news of the new job. - Oh, oh oh! You got the Poinsettia! (jumping up and down) That was fast.
Yeah! First days are always good to have under your belt and sounds like your environment is much more suitable for you! I got my card...aren't they so cool? I love mine too! Best thing of all is your commute time being so much less! I shouldn't say this, but my commute time is about 7 minutes! :o)
Hey Sassy - Good point! Actually, I'm hoping to start doing a little blogging on my lunch hour.

Hello Dawg! Thanks for visiting. Yes, the holidays are rough for blogging, especially after all that eggnog.

Hi Dykewife! I second that yay for shorter commutes!

Thanks Rubye Jean! Yes, so far so good. Working at a university has a lot of great perks.

Yes Chewy - I got it on Monday and it is beautiful! Thank you so much. It was such a nice surprise after my first day of work. Thank you so much!

Oh Ms. Creek - that is an awesome commute. Good for you! I'm hoping one day I will have a 'normal' commute, whatever that is. I still am going about 70 miles each way.
Janet said…
I used to hate a long commute and bought a house as close to work as possible. Close enough to walk in fact! But most of the time I drove.
John Gascot said…
Glad your first day went well!

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