Time For Bed

If you want some hot milk and you think I'm worthy
go ahead and grab jammies.
If you're really sleepy just reach out and call me,
'cause you dig my cute lambie.

Side Note: My "lambie" is my eye mask, just in case you were wondering.


SassyFemme said…
Those jammies are adorable!
Solo said…
LOL!...oops,I think I peed.
A. said…
I love those pajamas! My dream is to have a whole drawer of matching pajamas, but I always end up losing the top or the bottom. (Not in a fun way, mind you...more along the lines of getting eaten by the dryer or lost in my moves.) Eventually I just gave up and switched to nightgowns.
Mon said…
Too damn cute CJ.....you look hot in flannel!
Blondie said…
Hmmmm... sounds like a Rod Stewart song...

Now if everyone would follow along and sing-along... Ready? 1 - 2 - 3.... Sing!
Blondie said…
P.S. Those Eeyore pj's are my fave!
Me, I'd go for the eye things.
Anonymous said…
Where are your Sock Monkey jammies? :) Love H
Anonymous said…
Love the jammies. The eye thing is very strange. That would give me nightmares... looking at you wearing that... before I fall asleep.
Hey thanks Sassy!

Down right sexy, don't you think Amy?

Ha! Sorry about that Solo!

Hey A - I can't wear nightgowns. I get all twisted up, potentially leading to tripping and falling on my way to the bathroom.

Thanks OC - Being a lesbian, it's a positive thing that flannel is a good look for me.

Blondie - I was impressed you can spell Eor. I can't.

Lori the eye thing rocks. I highly recommend it.

Thanks Rubye Jean. Glad I didn't scare you away.

I think I need some Sock Monkey attire H. Maybe a Sock Monkey eye mask.

LOL Chewy! It would be even worse if I stared to 'bahhh' in my sleep.
Shrinky said…
Awwww, fluffy and cute. Just like the jammies..
Thanks Shrinky. (We're you referring to me as the fluffy and cute one?)

Downright sexy McMeaty. Next stop, Magic Lantern.
Anonymous said…
I have the same eye mask! I'm not allowed to wear it, though. Mo banned it. Too creepy, apparently.
Anonymous said…
Magic Lantern? Stay away from the Mardi Gras!

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