Hello Dolly

Can someone please tell me what the appeal of these American Girl Dolls are? I happened to go to a particular restaurant two times this month. And both times, there were girls with dolls everywhere - in the restroom, in the bar area, at the tables.  

This picture is of the table that was next to mine. I think there were about five dolls sitting in the middle of the table while these folks ate.  Kind of creepy I thought until I went on the website today and saw they cost about a hundred dollars a head .  Then I wished I had kidnapped  several of the little freaky things and held them for ransom.  


Ronia Nash said…
you freaking crack me up and always bring a smile to my face!!!
SassyFemme said…
Is it too warped that I wish I had one? LOL
Shrinky said…
WTF, how much??????????

(Makes me feel a wee bit more justified on how much I spent out on that shirt now.. I mean, if snotty nosed kids can command that much cash..)

My youngest had the right idea - she loves her sisters Barbies.. tied up and decappitated.
Anonymous said…
what a brilliant idea! i've heard the racket goes to a level i find hard to believe -- a friend of mine takes her daughter, daughters friends, and their dolls on an annual trip to the american girl doll store in chicago. one of the activities -- dinner/tea for and WITH the dolls.
A. said…
Well...I had one of those growing up. And the accessories. They were appealing because they taught history while teaching a good lesson in values. My parents only let me have gender-neutral toys, so I guess I was drawn to the perfect girliness of these dolls. Yup, I even had tea parties with neighborhood girls and their dolls.

Yes, you could kidnap and hold for ransom. It's fine if you injure them - there is actually an American Girl Doll Hospital :)
McMeaty said…
I used to have a doll when I was younger. You had to blow it up and I think it was from China, not America. Oh, we had so much fun together. We had parties, and dinners together. Sadly, I bit it too hard one night, it farted and flew away.

I now it was not in good taste, but couldn't resist....
Shannon said…
They ARE creepy but I wish that I was $elling them....
were there any little kids at the table or were the dolls with adults only? lol
Thank you Ronia!

Not warped at all Sassy. I'm just afraid it would come alive at night and run around my house.

And that shirt is the bomb Shrinky. Plus, you can't wear a doll (unless of course you duct tape it to your waist or head). LOL about the Barbies.

I wish I had thought of this Lyn. It's the only thing that seems to be thriving in this economy.

LOL Ms. Creek - Yes there were some kids there. But I did see one of the adults fussing with one of the dolls - and I did a double take.

Hey A! I could never injure one of these - too life like. But holding one for ransom doesn't seem like a bad idea.

That is too funny McMeaty! That will teach you not to bite.

Hey S - They are a little creepy to me. A female version of Chuckie.
John Gascot said…
Laugh now.
One day when they all come to life we'll all be begging for mercy.
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh, I totally want one. Only the historical ones, though. Not the "my doll looks like me" ones. If we don't have a child I can buy Felicity for I'm getting it for myself. Complete with how authentic colonial bedroom set.
kim said…
if I had a daughter, I think I'd much rather give her one of these than one of those hoochie mama Bratz dolls..although truth be told I bought a whole collection of Bratz with their purple car (with a REAL radio installed) and tons of clothes at a yard sale for $10 and was going to sell it all on ebay until I decided that I really wanted to keep it...lol

I kept it all for about 6 months then gave it away to a friend's daughter... ;)
Velvet Ginger said…
I actually think it's cool (I am strange & like the creepy), that fad will fade & some other high dollar toy will be the fad.
Anonymous said…
My nieces have them. There are matching outfits for the dolls and girls... and at the American Girl store in NYC the girls bring their dolls with them for Tea Time or Lunch or something. (shrug) I'm into G.I. Joe. grrr
have a great weekend, cj!
I smell a block-buster movie John.

Hi Two Ladies! Alright, but if you get one, you have to post about it. Promise.

Hi Kimber! Thank you for the visit. I agree, I would rather go for the American Girl than the Bratz. Although I am intrigued the Bratz accessories come wired for sound...

Hey Rubye Jean! Yes, these seem to be the fad of the moment for now. Remember when everyone wanted a cabbage patch kid? Yes - Go Cards!

Hey Chewy - I'm a fan of Big Jim and his karate action arm myself. GI Joe and Big Jim would probably poo poo American Girl.

You too Ms. Creek! Hope the weather is good in MT!

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