Stiffy Strikes Again


Mon said…
OMG, that is too freaking funny! That need to go on Youtube...
Mon said…
Oh, and how did you get it off your voicemail and on here?
McMeaty said…
I bet you would rather have that message than one left by someone pretending to be from your doctor's office letting you know you're pregnancy test came back postive....and you're having twins.
dykewife said…
i played it for me and nearly peed my pants. having had that experience i had to share it with bran who also found it very amusing.

how in heaven's name did stiffy manage to say all that and not be snort laughing? there's no way i could've carried it off with such aplomb.
Hah! First read of the morning. Excellent.
Velvet Ginger said…
Geeeez..............I had to listen to it a couple of times...funny funny stuff...what would you do without friends huh?
now that was a GOOD laugh!
Cristina said…
That was great, though I would have never been able to pull it off without laughing so hard and doubling over frome laughing so hard
Anonymous said…
extra small condoms! Bwa-hahahahahaha

Hi Blondie. (where ever you are)
Hey OC - Stiffy sent this as a audio file to my phone. I really laughed mao.

You know what McMeaty - you're right.

Hey Dykewife - Stiffy used an audio file. Although I wish she had recorded it. It would have been great in her Boston accent.

Glad you enjoyed this Hahn. Everyone could use a little laugh in the morning.

Hi Rubye Jean - I had to listen a couple of times myself. She sent me some other things but there is no way I can post them.

Hey Ms Creek! I just love a good laugh. This one almost made me cry.

I just love the voice on this one Cristina. She just sounds so professional.

Hello Chewy! Yes, the condom comment is a nice finishing touch on this one.

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