A Halloween Riddle

Why couldn't the witch have any babies?

Because her husband had a Halloweenie!



Velvet Ginger said…
oh my!!!!!!!!!!111 LMAO...yes that could be a problem...was it like the mushroom one you had growing on your deck?
Cute joke Cj!!!
Anonymous said…
More like... LAME-O (hee-hee)

Happy Pumpkin Day!
Landlady of Fat said…
lol -- that's cute. lol
LOL Rubye Jean! I'm guessing it was like that mushroom. Aggh, what a thought.

Hey Chewy - At least I didn't mention anything about crystal balls. Oh wait a minute, that was the fortune teller's husband.

Thanks Tina. Hope you get lots of treats today!
Marty said…
I thought that the answer was "Crystal Balls?"
Mon said…
Oh that's too funny! Those puppies of yours are too cute, can I have one?
Velvet Ginger said…
Are you going "trick-or-drinking" tonight hon???
Anonymous said…
hope the great pumpkin was good to you all!
Hi Marty! Thanks for the visit. Yes, crystal balls works too, lol.

Thanks Lori! The girlz were getting ready for Halloween with their scary little neck dresses.

Thank you OC! If you were closer I would love to have you as a babysitter for the girlz.

LOL Rubye Jean - Going to be a good girl tonight. Nothing too crazy.

Glad you liked this Ms. Creek. It's a little goofy but the only Halloween joke I can remember.

Hey Lyn - Still waiting for a big bag of candy from the Great Pumpkin. Maybe the girlz scared him away.

Hi Dykewife - Happy Halloween!
Anonymous said…
Awww... Your pooches are adorable. I can't imagine trying to get mine to sit for a picture like that.

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