Beware - The Cell Phone Camera

My little buddy at work, Mr. Vo, took this picture of me in a meeting yesterday. He's thinks it's fun to snap pictures and videos with that fancy phone of his without us knowing while we are at work or out to lunch. Luckily I saw him and was able to at least give him half a smirk. And he caught me on a good day - my socks match my sweater. Sometimes my socks don't even match each other.

This is my "I look like crap because I have been up since 4:00 AM look". It gets worse as the week goes on. Fortunately today is my last day to drive in for the week and tomorrow I work from home.


Velvet Ginger said…
Cute picture of you...and yah...the first thing I thought of was "Nice Socks!" lol
What a relief not to have to drive in for awhile huh? After seeing your video of your would have put me in the nervous hospital!
Shrinky said…
Awww hon, you look adorable, kinda' a cross between Olive Oil and Betty Boop, but naturally with far more attitude. (Hey, hey I was joking, okay?! Ow, ow, ow, will ya' stop with the battering here..?)


Oh yeah, ps. I'm back.
weese said…
there are days when your socks don't match... even each other!
ooo the horror.
Anonymous said…
Who's the woman behind you? What's in the candy jar? Are you keeping your hand warm?
Cristina said…
Chewy, it's the year old toffee in the candy jar.

CJ - Yup, you look like hell (jk - you know you look good). ya know if my socks don't match what I am wearing I get paralized which is why until the snow flies, if I can get away with it, I am in flip flops. Yes I have a pair to go with almost every outfit.
Mon said…
Cute picture CJ, but I also want to know what is in the candy jar, and why the top of the file cabinet is so clean...:)
Tell Mr. Vo it's a great shot! And the new style is for your socks NOT to match your clothes OR each you are stylin' during those days! So glad I work at a Junior High School to keep up on these important facts, ffs, lol.
John Gascot said…
Tyra would be proud. You didn't loose your neck.
Thanks Rubye Jean. Those are probably my favorite pair of socks. Yes, the commute does is a bit of a pain.

Shrinky is back! I don't know about adorable - sleepy is probably more like it.

The non-matching Weese is not as bad as the holes I sometimes have on the bottom. I hate to throw anything away.

Not sure if I am keeping my hand warm Chewy or if I just have to pee. (Kidding). The other lady is my buddy Emily who sits right across from me and used to be my neighbor when I lived in Boston. The candy of the month seems to be mints but sometimes it's chocolate.

Hey Cristina! I do think I look like hell. Lovely puffy eyes don't you think? Didn't know you were a flip flop girl.

That is actually the top of Mr.Vo's desk OC. He is very, very neat. It is not like my desk.

It's nice to have a contact Ms. Creek who knows what is in. I certainly do not! Mismatched socks would be a great thing - something I could actually keep up with.

LOL John. But am I smiling with my eyes? Does that sweater make me look fat?
NursePam said…
I can beat you on the socks. Two weeks ago I found myself at work with mismatched shoes.
Hey NursePam - That is funny. I've never done that (not yet anyway). How bad was the mismatch? Hopefully they were at least the same color!
Shannon said…
Awwww, such a cutie!
I'm diggin' the socks.

The commute has got to go girl.

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