I Turn My Back For One Minute

It seems as though a fun loving group of Ambystoma maculatum (Yellow Spotted Salamander) have decided to use the pool for a little play time. I'm ok with it, as long as they don't pee in the water or play the stereo in the pool shed too loud. But if I catch them wearing my swim goggles or using the gas grill, I am kicking them all out. And yes, the little dudes in both of these pictures are alive and well.


Janet said…
OMG how cute -- I was and remain a little Jeff Corwin.

I hope you saved them, it sounds like you did.

dykewife said…
they're ok in a pool? aren't there chemicals that are sort of not newt friendly?

i'd love to have pets like that to swim with...well, so lng as they don't bit.
Velvet Ginger said…
I love salamanders! I have many types of lizards around my place. They eat bugs!
So cool that they party at your place!
Cristina said…
CJ - I am so with John on this one - EEEEWWWWWIIIIIEEEE!!!!! followed by the EWIE dance. it is not pretty, but extremely entertaining.
John Gascot said…
Cristina and John Doing the EWIE dance!!! LOL!
Anonymous said…
this is turning into quite the nature blog.
McMeaty said…
It's all fun and games until you get a salamander in your swimsuit. Maybe they're chasing the mice into your pool.
Do they usually wait until you're gone? Don't leave that spare key under the mat or they'll be raiding the fridge too.
I just saved three more yesterday Janet. Out of the pool and onto the grass. They were gone when I checked later so I'm hoping they made it to safety.

John and Cristina - I have to admit I was kind of afraid of these little crittes myself.

They seem to be able to survive in the cholrine Dykewife. Unfortunately, a few have ended up at the bottom of the pool.

Hey Rubye Jean - These are the only lizard type creatures I have ever seen in Massachusetts. I'm not sure I could handle anything bigger!

I know Lyn. I need to get back on track here and start posting something about martinis.

McMeaty - If I ever got one of these things in my suit, you would be able to hear me all the way down to your house.

As a matter of fact Hahn, they do wait until I leave. Sneaky little creatures. Wait..where did all my Sam Adams go?
Velvet Ginger said…
There is a dynomite elderly lady that comes in our print shop daily, she is an accountant/self-proclaimed lawyer and takes on the court system often....a real hoot (Ellie met her down here last year)...anyway...she buys "mealy worms" to feed all the lizards that hang out at her place...a few of those blue rasers are over 2 feet long...and if she doesnt dole out the worms fast enough they bite her toes!!!!
Anonymous said…
I haven't seen any of those since I was a kid turning over rocks down by the swamp.
Anonymous said…
john g is hysterical! (double meaning, wink)
nanawrote said…
Those are cute. Good to hear that they are safe and sane even after bathing in chlorine and god knows what.

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