I Feel Good!

I went a little over-board at the vitamin store. That tall yellow bottle - that's the lemonade diet/detox concentrate. It's made from lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. You're supposed to have two tablespoons in 8 ounces of water eight times a day for four days. It took me three glasses to realize it tastes like shit. I figured it would hurt more coming back out then going in so I stopped.

Those two big canisters are a super food powder in garden berry flavor. It has something like 19 servings of fruits and vegetables. I thought it would be a good supplement since I don't always eat so well during the week. The powder smells a bit like a barnyard. The instructions say mix one scoop in 8 ounces of your favorite beverage. Since I wasn't' sure how garden berry would go with Sam Adams Oktoberfest, I used water instead. I didn't throw up (yet) so I guess I will try to have one glass every day.

The other things are vitamins, fish oil (love those fish burps), coQ-10, and red yeast rice for cholesterol. I'll report back with my findings as to how energetic these products make me feel. That is if I'm not out climbing a mountain or running a marathon. Or, more likely, taking a nap.


Velvet Ginger said…
Oh geeeez! I was gagging as you were describing all of your supplements! lol I try to eat lots of vegetables as they have valuable enzymes besides vitamins...Right now I am making homemade chicken tortilla soup right now, lots of stuff in it that burns coming out ...you should come have some!
Janet said…
You're funny CJ! Try to stick with it -- it takes about 30 or more days to change our habits.

I am a supplement junkie -- if I am not making day glow pee something is terribly wrong!

Beer is a fine chaser just take care of yourself.

McMeaty said…
You will have one clean colon. I mean squeeky clean.
weese said…
hmm, interesting choices.
did you get any...umm.. vitamins?
SassyFemme said…
I think I'll stick with my Centrum and vitamin C.
Butch Boo said…
You'll be rattling!
Anonymous said…
I'll stick to gummi bears.
So far the only things I have really stuck with are the vitamins and the fish oil. I had a few doses of the super food powder. I need to get back to that this weekend.

I'm need to take Janet's words of wisdom regarding the 30 days to break old habits before I give up.
Hey Butch Boo! Thank you for stopping by. No more rattling since I decided to leave the lemonade mixture in the way back of the fride.

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