The Second Pain Of Christmas

These bags contain the ten Poinsettias I bought. I put them on the floor below a table on which a small Christmas tree sits. One or two wouldn't look right. I need ten. Ten looks good. So I suck it up and I buy ten. I'm too accustomed to having them around at Christmas not to buy them.

This is my second pain of Christmas. Why? Because ten Poinsettias won't fit in one cart or can't be brought out to the car in one trip. The dogs think they make a tasty snack. And the leaves fall off and make a mess.

When all is said and done however, they really do look beautiful and they do fill the house with Christmas spirit and warmth. I guess they're not such a pain after all. Not like those outdoor lights that I still haven't strung.

Side Note :From all that I have read, these plants are not poisonous so I don't wig out when the dogs start munching on them. But don't hold me responsible if your Fluffy gets sick after eating a whole plant in one sitting.


Anonymous said…
TEN? Oh Lord! We get 2 BIG 'UNs for my Dad's house. One for the living room, one for the den.
Well, the way the dogs are going at these, I'll be down to two in no time. I read on several sites that it's just an urban legend about these plants being poisonous. The articles also said they taste terrible - very bitter. So I have no idea why the dogs find them so tasty.
Anonymous said…
Maybe if you fed your dogs they wouldn't resort to eating poison plants.
Your second pain of Christmas SJ will be the lump of coal I leave for you under your tree.

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