I'm Smarter Now, Really

I played one of those brain training games that have been all the rage this holiday season. My initial pass calculated my brain age to be in the 50's. I'm thinking that the first time the results are skewed to the higher side to get you to come back and continue your training. But just in case, I'm taking off points for each glass of wine I had with Christmas dinner. So my score is now 37.

The ideal score is 20. That must be because I was just so smart when I was that age. Let's see,what did I know back then? I knew I was straight. Ok, not so smart there. I knew I wanted to have kids. Not so much. I was sure knowing that the derivative of X^2 is 2X would somehow be beneficial to me. Keep going Einstein. I knew that my friends would probably be married before I was. Ding ding ding.....extra bonus points there smarty pants.

I'll give that game another round or two. But I'm stopping before I get my score to 20. That would be way too dangerous.


Stealth said…
I have to ADD points when I'm drinking wine.
Hi Stealth - Thanks for the visit. I actually did a little better second time around without the wine.

I enjoyed reading your latest posts and your watching the videos (Who is Stealth was very cute).
Anonymous said…
Hey CJ!
Brain training games? Guitar Hero is loads more fun.
Cristina said…
I'm glad you tried it w/o the wine. I personally would have switched to Tequila!!! Stop me before 20/20 please.

My brain needs some training.
Hey Chewy - I played Guitar Hero last night for the first time. It is so much fun! What a great game. Now I want one.
Hi Cristina - I'm a little slow this morning (nothing new there).

Does 20/20 refer to turning 40? For example, my current age is thirty-thirteen. Or were you referring to a Brain Age score?
Cristina said…
Definately not a Brain Age score. Happy New Year CJ. Melissa Ferrick absolutely rocked last night.

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