In This Corner, Weighing 35 Pounds....

I stayed in Boston Wednesday night at my friend Stiffy's house. She had to work until 10:00 so I volunteered to watch her two boys, 4 and 9 years old. The 9 year old was no problem at all. The 4 year old, who shall be known as Road Runner for the purposes of this post, could not quite grasp the concept of why his brother could stay up later than he could.

I explained to him that if he really did want to grow up to be bigger than his brother as he had stated, he would need to sleep so he could grow tall and strong. After 5 or 6 pretend calls to Santa and to the police, I finally gave up and got settled on the pull-out sofa, pretending not to care that he was still running around the living room.

He sat next to the sofa watching me while whispering "CJ's a baby, CJ's a baby." I rolled over and said "Yes, but at least I'm tall." At which point he told me that I was short (I'm 5' 7"), that he could beat me up and that he was also 'going to kick me in the peanuts.' Hmmm, the peanuts. Not sure that will get you anywhere buddy.

This morning he knocked on the bathroom door at 6:00 as I was getting ready. "CJ, I want you to sleep over tonight" he said.

No way Road Runner. I may not have any peanuts to kick, but I'm not taking any chances, you three foot man of steel.

Note: Road Runner is an adorable kid and I really do love him. Plus, his Mom reads my blog.


I was pretty much laughing to myself the whole time he was going on. He's a great kid but I caught him on a night when he was way over tired.

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