Mall Teeth

The shopping malls seem to be over-run with what I call "mini stores" - those set-ups in the middle of the mall where they sell perfume, cell phones, candy, and, much to my surprise, teeth whitening. Yes, you can have your teeth bleached to a beautiful pearly white while taking a break from your holiday shopping.

So what if you are center stage in a mall full of people sitting in a dental chair, your mouth all full of trays of whitening gel and a bright blue light beaming onto your face. The protective goggles will neatly conceal your identity until you are ready to impress the world with your new look. You'll be the bell of the ball this holiday season!

If you don't believe me, just ask this satisfied customer!

Photo courtesy of Cathy T (aka Mrs. Moto)


Anonymous said…
Wow! That IS impressive. ;)
Anonymous said…
i don't remember getting my teeth whitened (must have been all the pre-mall martinis i so enjoy), but they sure look good!
Anonymous said…
Turned her into a real beaut. err... beauty.
SJ- yes - this is post martini. So I don't expect you to remember. Oh this computer in the hotel sucks@! One more reason to love Boston. But I did get a good deal on price line or whatever the heck it is called.
Hey Chewy - I think I may get in trouble for this one. I expect there to be pay back of some sort.

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