Coco Reindeer

The reindeer is a majestic animal that inhabits the frozen arctic tundra. It has adapted remarkably to a harsh,barren habitat where food is scarce much of the year. It is an excellent swimmer. Aided by a thick coat that traps air and gives good buoyancy in the water, it can easily swim across wide rivers.

The smaller variety, shown here, is native to North America. This species, known as the Coco Reindeer, is extremely rare. Weighing only 6 - 8 lbs, this reindeer has many of the same attributes as her larger cousin in the tundra. And of course, like all reindeer, the Coco Reindeer can fly.


Cristina said…
I've never seen a Coco Reindeer before. Are they dangerous?
You just want to keep out of the way when they take flight. They only fly about 7 - 10 feet off the ground and sometimes they can bump into you if you are not careful.

They are much smaller however, than a Dude deer.
Cristina said…
I'd say much smaller, the Duder deer is about 70lbs and couldn't take flight, wait no I take that back - he has taken flight, at me (playing around of course) after a long day away. You don't want a Duder deer bumping into you unless you are braced for the impact.
Anonymous said…
I love Coco Reindeer!! She is sooooo cute!

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