Sock It To Me

I wore two different color socks to work today. It's not as though one was pink and was one green, but I still felt slightly self-conscious. My cube mate noticed - came right out and said it as I was looking down at the bottom of my pants. Thanks for noticing.

It's odd because I have another pair exactly like the one I wore today. Yes, I can hear you saying 'That's not funny CJ'. I will wear that pair tomorrow to get things back in synch.

I showed up to work once with my shirt inside out. That was worse.

Yes, it is pretty amazing that I make it to work at all some mornings. I think I need to go to bed earlier.


Anonymous said…
That's my girl!
Anonymous said…
Ha-ha! I appreciate friends who notice things like that and tell me. Walking around at work with food in one's teeth is not funny either. Well, it is funny, taught me to keep a toothbrush in my drawer.

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