Genes That Like To Fall Down

I now understand the origins of my tripokluzomania. The other night, my 82 year old Mother decided to do a triple Salchow on her way to the bathroom at 3:00am, fell down, and fractured her hip. I spent most of yesterday visiting her at Mercy Hospital, where she is now recovering from hip surgery. I inquired as to what her next trick might be, but she did not seem to think that was funny. Apparently, I did not inherit my sense of humor from her, only my knack for tripping at the drop of a hat.

So, I'm off once again to check in on Mom. Hopefully the happy drugs have kicked in and I can get her to smile a bit. I'm thinking tonight is going to be a good night for a martini.


Anonymous said…
Tripokluzomania? I'll have to Google that. LOL!

Martini for you, or her? Perhaps you can slip it in her IV. Cheers!

Best wishes on healing to your Mom.
Thank you Chewy. Things are looking up for her right now. Let's hope they stay that way (right side up I should say).
Cristina said…
"Tripokluzomania" - can we file a request to have that added to Websters.

Every night is a good night for a martini - you know that.

Hope your Mom is on the mend and in better spirits (not the one's in the martini, but that would help).
Hey Cristina - Thanks for the well wishes!

I keep forgetting that martinis are just not for breakfast anymore. Not since they've come up with all those nifty flavors!

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