Have A Nice Trip

Sometimes on my way into work, I think about blog topics. This morning, as I was exiting the parking garage via the stairwell, I got one foot stuck under the other and nearly took a header. I saved myself by somehow grabbing the rail. I was lucky because I think I would have landed on my face. Not a good look for me at work or any other time.

I'll be the first to admit I am a total klutz. I can be walking along and boom - suddenly I am down on one knee, having tripped over a pebble or a stray blade of grass. I fell in downtown Boston, on the sidewalk, on my way to lunch one day. That was fun. A young woman stopped to ask me if I was alright. I thought that was very nice of her, except for the fact that she called me ma'am, probably because she thought only the elderly and infirm could drop that like that.

When I was a kid, I crashed my 5 speed into a parked car - twice. There I was peddling with my head down one minute and practically sitting on someones trunk the next. That smarted. Good thing it wasn't a boy's bike.

I guess a quick trip is better than never getting away at all.


Anonymous said…
That's a good story to start off the Fall season. (chuckle)

I think I was in here while you were posting.
Anonymous said…
Pardon me if I'm wrong about the above comment.

If it is SPAM, you might want to turn on "show word verification for comments" in your settings > comments.
Thanks Chewy! My first spam comment. I'm taking your advice and turning on the word verification.

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