Miracle Mops and Martinis

I went to The Big E last night (http://www.thebige.com/). I have been going to the Big E since I was a little girl and every September I look forward to the start of the fair. For those of you who are not familiar, the Big E is a huge event complete with concerts, rides, shows, food, crafts, and all kinds of interesting merchandise including hot tubs, RV's, clothes, and of course, the indispensable Miracle Mop and Ginsu knife.

The first trip of the season to the Big E is basically a scouting mission for me. I try to cover as much ground as possible, making mental notes of all the things I will pick up on rounds two and three. So far this year I have determined that I need handmade soap and Cheddar cheese from the Vermont Building, and maybe some more flannel PJs. I've already had my Maine baked potato and decided that one was not enough - I will have to have another one before the week is out. The jury is still undecided as to which state makes the best maple cream, although the sample I had in the Massachusetts building was pretty darn good. I need to pick up a jar of that as well. And I need at least two big bags of Kettle Korn from New Hampshire.

Round two will hopefully occur before the week is out. And next time I will choose to visit either the Beer Garden OR the martini tent. Not both, at least not on the same trip.


42 said…
ooo, sounds like the Minnesota State Fair. whatever you want to eat, as long as it's on a stick.

good thing they don't have clams, lobsters, etc. there. well, not naturally anyway. lobster on a stick might be a little tough to pull off. "Aw jeez da sticks keep breakin Ole and da critters are pinchin me and runnin away." (long pause) "Vell Sven, den maybe y'art tryin hard enough, ya tink?"
Anonymous said…
I went to the 4 Town Fair in Somers, CT today. A nice small fair. Excellent corn chowder.

Thursday I make the annual Father/Daughter visit to the Big E. He enjoys it, and me... well, I hope to immediately eat a chocolate eclair with coffee, then maybe a new cowboy hat, something alcoholic at the Irish bar, look at farm animals, take photos, etc.
Blondie said…
I can't wait to go back to the Big E! One can never have enough soap!
Hey 42 - I like the lobster on a stick idea. I think it might actually be a big seller, espcially if it is sold in the Maine Building.
Sounds like you have your itinerary all set Chewy. Watch out for the 2 beer hot tubs! I'll be checking to see if you have any fair photos posted.
Thanks for stopping by Blondie! You can never have too much of lots of things that are sold at the Big E. Except for maybe those cream puff things. I don't want to stock up on those.

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