The 'F' Word Is Alive And Well

I was driving behind a construction truck yesterday that had the following detailed on the back of the cab: "Silly F*****, D***s Are For Chicks". I am sure you can surmise that the 'F' word is a derogatory comment for homosexuals and the 'D' word is for a part of the lower male anatomy. I attempted to see who owned the truck but I could not get a full view of the company name.

Outraged, I went to the community forums on ( and posted my thoughts on the matter, asking if anyone had seen this truck in the area before or knew who the company may be. I had a few responses to my post, basically asking me what my problem was and why did I think this was such a big deal. I responded by stating that if this had been a comment about a particular religious organization or a group of white folks of European descent, more people in this community would be outraged. When I went back this morning, my entire post and all the comments had been deleted.

I am very surprised that there are people in my community that think the 'F' word is acceptable. Obvioulsy there is still a lot of interloerance out there. Too bad.


Anonymous said…
I've never been to the MassLive forums, so I checked it out a bit. Why would they remove your post? You weren't making the derogatory statement you were questioning it.

Putting it on a company truck makes me wonder what level of intellect this person functions at.

That bumper sticker comes from the same mentality as "My kid beat up your honor student".
Thanks for the support Chewy. Folks I spoke with personally all felt the same way but I'm still a little surprised at the lack of concern from folks on the masslive forum.
42 said…
yeech. I've seen that particular bit of witlessness sticker before in places like East Soybean Minnesota but never in New England. not surprised, though.

people who think Mass. is one big bastion of lefty libruls have never been outside of Boston. it's all I can do to not hock a huge and nasty bronchitis loogie on the "W 04!!" sticker pasted to one of the cars I park by at work.

oh hell, I should do it tomorrow and get it overwith.

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