The Big E Part Three

Before the nutrition police come to take me away, here is the list of goodies that three adult women are capable of plowing through in one day/night, either by grabbing a free sample or actually buying the whole package. Ok, here goes: black currant juice, maple cream in a cone, maple cotton candy, kettle corn, Italian ice, coconut macaroon, blueberry pie, lobster roll,baked potato with everything, nachos, beer, chips, fried cheese, more beer, fried oreos, a Polish plate, candy apple, martinis, more kettle corn, applie pie with cheese, cider, and a steak and cheese sub. You would think we were in competition with that giant pig we paid $1.00 to see. If we don't stop soon, next year folks will be paying a dollar to see us.


Anonymous said…
YOU SAW THE GIANT PIG??? Next year I'm going with you and your friends.
It was a toss up between the giant pig or the giant slide. With our eating frenzy in full swing, the pig won out.
Anonymous said…
You forgot to get a corn dog, a turkey leg, a giant pickle, and a fried Oreo. Shame on you!
Hey Favorite,

Which one are you again?

Your favorite Aunt

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