Commuting Tips - How to Make The Drive More Fun

Today is Saturday, which means I get a break from driving to my job in Boston. I love what I do and I honestly don't hate my commute. By the end of the week however, I can get fairly tired from the trip. So, in order to stay sharp on my drive, I've adopted the following strategy to make things more fun,interesting and bearable.

Talk on the phone. Talk a lot. And don't use your blue-tooth wireless set up either. It's more challenging getting in and out of Boston if you have one hand on the wheel and one up to your ear.

Send text messages. Nothing says 'I love you' like a text message sent from a friend while navigating bumper to bumper traffic on the Mass Pike. My preferred technique - look down and type, look up for a quick lane check, back down again to type.

Scan the newspaper. No better time to get caught up on the days events than while you are just sitting in your car doing nothing.

Take mini-naps. Once you establish a path of travel, throw on the cruise control. If your lane is clear for as far as your eye can see, take a quick snooze to recharge.

And finally, if you see a silver 4-Runner near you on the Mass Pike between 5:15 and 7:00 (AM or PM), get out of the way. It's me.


Anonymous said…
Another fun game is "don't touch the directional knob", make 'em guess when you'll switch lanes.
I like that one too. Espcially if you do the ol' left hand turn from the right hand lane.
42 said…

I'll never bitch about my 8-mile Lowell-to-Andover schlep again!
Thanks for visiting 42! Your 8 mile commute may be even worse. It would take me 45 minutes to drive the 11 miles from Govt Center to West Roxbury when I lived in Boston. So feel free to rant!
Anonymous said…
Um... My commute is 6 miles round trip.
Hey Chewy - At some point I am hoping mine will be short as well but 6 miles round trip is hard to beat - that's nice.

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