Working In The Shed Pooped Me Out

Oh it's so pretty. Just love that blue green color. I'll have 3 please.

Hey - don't judge! I cleaned out the pool shed in preparation for the opening of The Wet Spot. And with all the poop I had to deal with, I deserve a little reward. Oh sure, the mouse poop is tiny and not too bad to deal with. But I also found a new strain of new poo on the block this spring. It confused me so that I actually thought some one had taken up residence in our shed this winter.

You poop in my shed? I will suck you up. With my shop vac that is.

Hope no one gave you any crap this weekend. Mouse or otherwise.


Taradharma said…
what in the wide world is that drink? will it aid in the banishment of poopy memories?

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