There's A Bear. Where? Over There.

Our neighbor and friend McMeaty alerted us to a bear siting that occurred on our street last night. This is a real bear, the kind that rambles along on four furry legs and not the usual bare that you see at the The Wet Spot* during the summer months. That bare has the same furry legs but only has two of them and is not usually spotted until after nightfall.

I was thinking about what the heck we would do if we were walking down the street and saw a bear. The old adage "does a lesbian shit in the woods when she sees a bear" came to mind. I don't think one can outrun a bear and I know I couldn't certainly climb a tree to escape. 

So if your popping over for a visit please take care that no wildlife, other than that which resides in this house, is lurking over your shoulder. And remember, whether it's a bear in the brush or a bare with a bush, you should never pet or feed these creatures.

*The Wet Spot is the name of our pool. Also know as the hole in the ground into which I throw money.


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