Double Entendre, Double Fun

Two gentlemen came over last Monday to open The Wet Spot and things looked pretty darn good. The color was a nice blue and not that awful green, as it can sometimes be when it has not been used in a while. There was some dirt on the bottom but nothing the Dolphin (vacuum) can't handle. Unfortunately the power supply for the Dolphin is on the fritz and the unit does not take batteries so we'll have to wait a bit to stick the Dolphin in The Wet Spot.

After the pool men left I discovered a puddle in the shed due to a leak from the pump. I hate it when The Wet Spot pump isn't working properly - it's very frustrating.   Hopefully that will be fixed by the end of the week so I can throw in some chlorine and give The West Spot a good 'ol fashioned disinfecting.

If all goes well, The Wet Spot should be ready for visitors by the end of May!


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