Shop Talk

How I sound at the Home Depot:

So my kitchen faucet is leaking near the sprayer head end and my friend Min took it apart and we think it needs a new one of those rubber circles that goes around that other metal circle thing. Unless of course the leak is really from the metal hose tubing that runs under the cabinet and attaches somewhere near that pipe that is turning green.

How my friend Min sounds at the Home Depot:

I loosened the screw to remove the handle and unscrewed the bonnet, thereby exposing the valve and mounting nut. I pulled the hub and spout assembly up and off the body of the faucet. The o-rings and bearings look to need replacing. Would you happen to have a 2-001 1/32 inch o-ring in stock?

It's good to have friends that can speak the language when I travel to the foreign land of the Doityourselfrepairville.



Taradharma said…
ha! she sounds like a pro! I used to know the lingo a long time ago when I was knowledgeable about home repairs. I've not kept up though, and now I sound like YOU at Home Depot. (Except in the plant dept)

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