Little Green Monsters

These are wasabi covered peanuts. Or as I like to call them, green legumes from the bowels of hell. I bought them on a whim and they are fairly innocuous when taken in small doses. However, I would not recommend eating them by the handful after an afternoon of Octoberfest celebrations OR with bubble gum flavored vodka. Just my two cents. Also, if you are going to ingest them in large amounts, just remember what goes up must come down just as what goes in must come out. Who in the world ever thought of coating peanuts with Japanese horseradish? There is a reason no one has ever done that with corn and it is the same reason not to do it with peanuts. Enough said.


Jules said…
Come on CJ, I love these little sinus cleaners :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Solo said…
Yep, I learned that lesson the hard way (no pun intended) my own self.

Love the "sitting on antique farm equipment". Perhaps you should come to L.A. and try your talent at the Improv'. I'm just sayin'.

Miss you, Sugar!!!
You are a brave woman Jules :)

I miss you too Ms. Solo. I would love to go to LA but the only improv I would be doing would be regarding last minute decisions on where we could go get a martini :)

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