What's Thong With Stiffy?

I thought I was having a bad week until I got this text from my pal Stiffy:

Stiffy is having a hell of a week - want a good laugh?..I was picking Ty up @ schol...parked rite outside the door..leaving walking to car I trip over the curb & went down very hard on knees..couldn’t get up..skirt up in air & I have a thong on..everyone yelling OMG pull her skirt down..u poor thing u ok..get a chair..get ice...2 men had to lift me up in chair..nurse came out I’m surrounded by people...freaking nitemare...


LilliGirl said…
Yep...Stiffy beat you. Hands, no I mean skirts, down...Hell, at least she was wearing panties.
Stiffy said…
Love it CJ! Miss you xoxoxo
Skirts down Lilli - love it! That's great.

CIW - Poor Stiffy. That is why I wear lady boxer briefs and jeans.

Sorry Stiffy - I could not resist. You I love you right?

Yup, that about sums it up KMae.

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