The Other White Meat

Rah rah agh-agh-agh!
Ro mah sigh-sigh-sigh
Lady Gaga's turned
In to meat pie!

Ok, that's not nice I know. But what was with that outfit at the VMA awards? I almost threw up looking at it. For those of you that have not seen it, check out the pictures at the


Anonymous said…
I love Lady Gaga and I actually thought her last get up was the best but then it was late at night, the tv was 10 feet away from the couch and I had my glasses off. It wasn't until today when I read a headline about her meat dress I wondered WTF? Read this and it explains why,

At least I think it explains why. It did clear up what I also didn't hear when she handed Cher her meat purse.

A-HA, finally! I have a reason for that bigger TV with surround sound.
Taradharma said…
activist Ann Simonstin used meat outfits two decades ago to protest beauty pagents in Santa Cruz. I like to think Gaga was making a statement on performer as meat - to be consumed by all: managers, lawyers, fans.
Anonymous said…
I like my meat cooked.
I really like Lady Gaga too Jude. I thought she was a bit vague on the exact reason why she wore this (thank you for that link). Meat purse. What a concept!

Good point Tara. That makes sense to me. Do we know if it was real meat? Wouldn't it have gotten funky fairly quickly if it was?

What? No Gaga Tartar Chewy?
She pushes the edge and that's why I like her.

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