I Can't See Clearly Now

You know those magnifying glasses they sell at the drug store? Does anyone know if they make a waterproof version? I can't seem to see my armpits in the shower. I've reached a point where I need binoculars to shave my legs and cheaters to shave my armpits.

At least armpits are small. It's pretty much a given you'll get a clean sweep even if you can't verify it visually. Legs are a different story. I'd fall on my ass if I had to get up that close in the shower to make sure I didn't miss a patch.

They should make bi-focal anti-fog prescription shower goggles. That way, your legs would always turn out to be silky smooth and your landing strip wouldn't end up looking like more like a cornfield.

Just random thoughts at 10:30pm at night after rising this morning at 4:30am. Brain clutter. Night all.


dykewife said…
or you could spend a little money and get yourself waxed at a salon. i guess it depends entirely on how important being shorn is to you. though i have to say, going to get my naughty bits tortured by having the hair ripped out seems somewhat extreme. i figure i'll stick (no pun intended) with being an 80s woman.
Taradharma said…
oh, nix on the waxing! I did it about a year ago on my legs and truly, I'd rather have a tattoo on naughty bits!

Go by feel, can you? I have recently discovered that hair conditioner makes a GREAT shave cream. Invention is the mother of necessity.
Solo said…
Hi Dykewife! I love the naughty bits reference. I agree - sounds extreme and painful! I don't think I would go for that even if it was free and across the street.

Thanks for the hair conditioner tip Tara. I'm going to try that. And laughing out loud on the tattoo comment. The waxing was that bad huh?

Solo! We could add some Texan flair to your googles when/if the time comes that you need a pair. A pair of Longhorns on the side perhaps?
Anonymous said…
If I can't see my missed bits, I don't worry about them.

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