A New Spin On Watching Football

We spent the afternoon at a fantastic football party at the home of our buddies Barb and Lori. There was great food, reunions with old friends, and of course, great music courtesy of one of our hostesses, DJ Lori B. Yes, I am giving her a plug here because you are probably tired of me bitching about things I don't like and want to hear something positive for a change and because she is awesome. DJ Lori B helped us celebrate each Patriot touchdown by spinning the tunes in her and Barb's "Lady Cave" as we danced, cheered and chest bumped.

Well, I didn't chest bump. I was too busy eating cheesy snacks and drinking light beer. Besides, I didn't want to intimidate anyone by flinging my nearly A's in their direction. It's all fun and games until someone gets a black eye. Then it's just fun.

*Check out DJ Lori B at her website Martini Productions for information on this disc jockey extraordinaire and her event planning services.


Anonymous said…
There's a joke bursting out of that picture about three proctologists getting together to watch a Patriots game....
Anonymous said…
I miss watching football. Got rid of the cable and football no longer. Sounds like you had some fun!

Award for you on my blog :-)
LilliGirl said…
lmao...better strap 'em down!

Dragon! Isn't it on your local channels? It is here.
1000 point to Jude for that hilarious comment! I love it!

Hey Dragon - we are thinking of getting rid of cable as well and doing the video rental thing. But I'm not so sure I can give up my football games! An award? I'll be right over!

I won't need a very big strap Lilli :)

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