Everyone Knows It's Windy

Hurricane Earl Update: The hurricane turned out to really be nothing at all for Massachusetts. I've had more wind in my pants after eating a burrito than Earl had in 12 hours while crossing over the Bay State.


Thank you Amy! (smiling and blushing) I published and deleted this post until I was convinced otherwise.
Shrinky said…
Thank you for that information, perhaps it's not all bad there's a vast pond separating us (wink)?

We had storms overnight, meaning no ferries got through and our supermarket shelves are half empty again. I really must learn how to make bread that doesn't break teeth to eat..
Yes Shrinky, lol,I'll have to give you fair warning next time I hop across the pond (or at least stay away from anything to spicy while I am there). How bad was that storm? Sounds like it must have packed a punch if the ferries got cancelled.

Just make sure you dunk that bread in some wine, add a little cheese, and all will be fine :)
LilliGirl said…
Count your blessing on that one - lol

Got an award over at my place you for. :)
Hey thank you Lilli! Very cool!

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