Embarrassing Work Moment # 96

I've peed on my leg at work, gone to meetings to which I was not invited, worn two different color socks, and tripped in the hallway. So today I thought I would try something different.

You know those thin paper-like breath freshener thingies? The ones that come in the little plastic packets? And you know how they stick to your tongue? Well, if you miss your mouth, they will stick to your lip too. And you can't really wipe them off because the sort of melt onto your face. The only thing you can do is lick vigorously until the suckers melt. But after they do, they leave a bit of a stain, especially if they are red. And that really sucks if it happens right before a meeting.

I'm glad tomorrow is Friday.


Blondie said…
How the heck did you go to a meeting that you were not invited to? LMAO!!!
Hey Kmae :) Glad this gave you a chuckle.

Thinking working from home is a better option for me Chewy.

Oh come on Blondie - like you have never done that? Well, actually you probably never did. But glad this made you laugh :)

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