Dress Code

I worked from home today. Working from home is great because you get the chance to do things you wouldn't be able to do at the office, such as throwing in a load of laundry. Or talking to a co-worker while sitting at your desk topless.

I was trying a shirt on for size (in the living room no less) when my work phone rang this afternoon. It caught me mid-change. So I grabbed the shirt, held it up to my chest, and sat down at my desk. For some reason, I thought it only appropriate to cover up. We are after all, a business casual environment. While attempting to log in I started making casual conversation, doing my best to avoid discussing the impending snow and nippy temperature outside. It was nippy enough inside the house.

Oh yeah, I forgot - the blinds in office were open. Way to work CJ.


lynt said…
I have my own set of work at home rules. One being as long as I get dressed and have at least one 'strategic' thought while playing a quick game of chase w/the muttlet, it's been a pretty full day. We're in the midst of office renovation -- like, the building will have no heat starting in a week. So I'm currently in full-on lobbying mode to relocate to my cozy home for the next several months. Since I work for an org where face time is still the only time... I'm not too hopefull.
lesbo said…
at least you put forth SOME effort to look decent for your workday.
Anonymous said…
good thing you don't need to wear a name tag while you're working from home.

I've found one bad point about WFH, when the Wife expects the dinner to be almost done by the time she gets home....NOT!
LilliGirl said…
I love working from home! I never get dressed. I serve better coffee. The pups love it and I actually get a window view all day long, in the sun, and don't even get me started on the peace and quiet. WFH is the BEST!
well, uhhh, not TOO much to say about that one! haha
Nulaanne said…
So where do you work and when is the next show?

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