Ink Blot Test

During the winter months, some interesting patterns appear on the pool cover. Who is up for a game of "Psychoanalyze The Bloggers" ?

I'll start - I see a cat with a fish tail (see pic three). Or a face with a half eaten watermelon on it's head and half a neck (see pic three again).

Your turn.


Anonymous said…
No matter which way I look at it, it's a bathing suit top...of course! Now where's the woman that it belongs too? ;D
Allison said…
I saw a fish in every pic...but now I totally see the bikini top.
lynt said…
I see a fish which has partially swallowed a larger fish... pic 1.

And thanks for the diversion. Not sure why I'm bothering to work this week...
Anonymous said…
I immediately saw the same as lynt. A fish swallowing another fish in pic 1.

Please do more of these! Oil stains, puddles, doogie poo... well, maybe not doggie poo. (giggle)
two cat scene said…
ouu ouu! I wanna play! I see a hard candy-- you know, the kind in the wrapper with twisted ends?
I see the fish but it looks more like a goldfish cracker kissing another (half eaten)goldfish cracker.
small town dyke said…
yep it's a goldfish cracker!

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