Irene Quote Of The Day Thursday Dec 10, 2009

A continuing series of quotes and conversations with my 84 year old Mother Irene.

I rarely used to drink vodka. Lately however, my drink of choice has been Three Olives Grape, Bubble, or Pomegranate flavored vodka.

So when my Mother asked me what she could buy me for Christmas (in addition to what she had already bought) I thought a bottle of Three Olives Root Beer would be easy and inexpensive.

Maybe not. When I spoke with my sister today, she informed me Irene had told her the following:

Irene: "I need to buy two bottles of Grey Goose. One for is for Cathy. She wants turkey flavored vodka."

I imagine it is delicious straight up with a splash of cranberry, especially if it is leftover from the night before.


Ronia Nash said…
LOL! that's a good one!
Angie said…
Bahaha I love Irene...haha...good post
Anonymous said…
...or with a little stuffing. ;)

Love your Mom!
lesbo said…
turkey flavored vodka!
i think that your mom and jude's dad could get on great...
Anonymous said…
Well, she could have bought you a case of root beer and a jar of olives.
Blondie said…
I like the 'splash of cranberry'! Too funny!

Oh and I like Chewy's comment too. Spot on!
followed by a little pumpkin pie with lots of whipped creme?

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