Your Diaper Smells Like Chocolate

Showers, as in bridal and baby, are not my thing. There are only so many "ooohs" and "ahhhs" I can fake at one time. (Keep your minds out of the gutter people).

Anyway, I know someone who recently went to a baby shower at which "games" were played. The only game I want to play at a shower is how many free Bloody Marys can I drink before they close up the bar.

One of the games played at this event, and I swear I am not making this up, involved passing around a disposable diaper that was soiled with various kinds of chocolate bars. The object of the game was to guess the brands of the bars present in the mix.

I would rather poke hot sticks in my eyes than go to a shower so maybe I should not be judgemental. But does anyone else find this strange? Has anyone heard of or played this game?

And, if it is just me, do you think I should I adopt a form of this game to be played at The Wet Spot* this summer?

*The Wet Spot, also known as the pool in my backyard, is now taking applications for photographers, pool girls, and lifeguards. Applicants should be female and comfortable with clothing optional environments, meat products, and alcohol. In exchange for services rendered, team members get free use of the pool and all the frozen margaritas they can drink.


Anonymous said…
Never heard of the poopy diaper thing until I saw it on L-Word tonight.
Mon said…
Sadly, I have not only heard of it, but been forced to play it (not at my shower), I nearly tossed my cookies right back in the diaper, and I refused to play, the most disgusting game I've ever seen. I mean poor parents have enough poop to deal with with the actual baby, no sense in spoiling chocolate bars for them too. The other disgusting shower game is taste the babyfood. Ugh..I'm a spoil sport because I couldn't do that one either, I couldn't even feed that nasty stuff to my own kids, let alone taste it...

OK..more than you wanted to know I'm sure...
Anonymous said…
i was there. it wasn't right.
LilliGirl said…
We love our Wet Spot too! Beers, grills and water, what more could you need in the summer?

I think they might have done that at one of my baby showers but I've been subjected to it many times.
well, i've heard of the game...never liked it...sounds rather sickening and i'm not sure if i have an opinion on the wetspot game, lol
Anonymous said…
oh yes. the first time i experienced this was... the last time i went to a baby shower. it's just wrong. on so many levels. as oc points out, a fine way to ruin perfectly good chocolate.

that said, i'm curious how you might adapt it for the wet spot...
Anonymous said…
I have played the game and had to prepare the game. It is very disgusting.

And sign Billy and I up for pool duty! We love the wet spot and plan on being there as much as possible this summer. We'll keep the new "beer fridge" stocked for sure! And Billy will do tricks off the diving board! :)

M said…
As others have mentioned I had not heard of the "smelly chocolate diaper game" until the L Word bizarro episode the other night. I am quite thankful I haven't had to participate.
Great blog as always!
Ok, I swear I hadn't watched the L Word prior to writing this. How weird that they played this game on the show the same night I posted this.

I can't believe so many of you have played this game. I thought is was just the most bizarre thing I had every heard of.
Anonymous said…
What a big waste of good chocolate.
Anonymous said…
I have heard of it more than once, thanks to television.

I like to think I don't know anyone who would actually ever suggest that game.

That said, I'm sure I will witness it at some point.

A thousand times ewww.
I once had to throw a shower as the was torture. I just plied them with a lot of alcohol and sent them on their way - Germany, everyone drives drunk.

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