Key Word Searches Part 2

Time once again to see how people are finding me. Here are the top  search keys that lead to this blog. The following phrases were pulled from my site data on Stat Counter.
  1. martini cartwheels - Good to know folks are searching for me by name.
  2. ding dong martini - To me, a ding dong is a male organ. Have I used the term "ding dong" in any posts? I really hope not. Any martini that has had a ding dong in it is not going in my mouth. 
  3. how to make cartwheel sandwich - WTF is a cartwheel sandwich? Something you make on a hamburg bun? Maybe you stick fries in the sides of the sandwich for arms and legs and then spin it around on your plate.
  4. girls love stiffy's -  Sorry, but a lot of the girls that read this blog do not love stiffy's. Back to that male organ thing again I see.
  5. kahkeys the pants - Yes, that is how they pronounce khakis in Boston. Sad but true.
  6. eugene delgaudio - He doesn't like gay people and yes I have blogged about him because he is mean and he hurt my feelings. Waah.
  7. martini winter hose - Again, what the hell is this? I have never drank martinis through a garden hose in the winter. It takes too long for the vodka to reach my mouth.
  8. hose again - Anyone who searches on "girls love stiffys" or "ding dong martinis" should get the hose again.
  9. lori motherhood boys martini - This is just too complicated to analyze. But motherhood and boys should not be used to describe a martini.
  10. basket boat - Another post of mine. Must have been a really good one because I can't remember what I wrote about.
  11. snow on your bush - This one is the prize winner. I do have a "Snow Bush" post but it's not what you may be thinking.  What's that saying? Ice on your tree is better than snow on your bush?
Yes, I am over-tired tonight. Why do you ask?


and to think i found it simply by reading chewy's blog! lol it had nothing to do with stiffies or anything that might point to a male's uhh, well, you know!
lesbo said…
This is so entertaining!
I want to try!
Landlady of Fat said…
Ok you're killin' me with this one. LOL

Hmmm now I gotta go check my stats!

Haven't done that in a minute...
Shrinky said…
Gee, wish I was teckie enough to play, sounds fun!

'Course, I found you through Chewy, she can spot a site worth visiting with her eyes blindfold.
Anonymous said…
LMAO! Nice to see you back on the job... making me laugh.
LilliGirl said…
But motherhood involving boys will make you want a martini! LOL
dykewife said…
cartwheel sandwich (at least in canada) is a chocolate coated treat made of soft cookies surrounding a marshmallow centre. they were very popular hallo'een treats when i was a kid.
A. said…
Too funny..I wonder what Freud would have to say about these searchers.

I thing the ding-dong martini is a chocolate drink. Never understood why anyone saw fit to adulterate otherwise good alcohol with candy.

Cartwheel sandwich sounds vaguely like sex position for the especially limber.

M said…
Really funny post! Loved the part about the Cartwheel Sandwich.
Anonymous said…
CJ--you crack us up! Love H&B
That's because you are a nice lady Ms. Creek!

You will be surprised by what you find lesbo. It can be quite entertaining.

I'd be curious as to what you find Tina!

I'm sure you are techie enough Shrinky! I bet yours would be pretty interesting. BTW, I found you through Chewy as well.

Good Chewy! I like to put a smile on people's faces even if it is because they think I am nuts.

I think you have a point there Lilli. From what I see with my friends, I would have to agree with you.

Get out Dykewife - really? They sound good. I've never heard of those here.

Hey A - lol about your interpretation of the cartwheel sandwich. I worry what Freud would think of me.

Hello Mav! Thank you. Maybe I could invent the American version of that sandwich and make myself a fortune.

H and B - Why don't you pop on over for a garden hose martini and some ML? I had a dream about you two last night involving a hotel room.
Anonymous said…
I'm laughing so hard I'm snorting!

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