Nothing Could Be Finer...

Banana walnut pancakes, chocolate chip waffles, and pies,
Oh boy do my  jeans feel tight on my thighs.
Triple decker clubs, eggs benedict, and chili cheese fries,
If my ass gets any wider I'll need a much bigger size.

What is your favorite diner food? I like to go for the breakfast master mix - 2 pancakes, 2 eggs, 2 pieces of sausage, cinnamon toast, and cranberry juice. Unless it is 1:30 AM, then I go for the Eggs Benedict. I love diners. The RT 9 Diner in Hadley, Massachusetts is my favorite. And it's open 24/7, just like my appetite. Perfect.


lesbo said…
Ohmygoodness, YUM!!!
I've been fantasizing about maple syrup all day. No, you perv, not like THAT!
Just on waffles, pancakes, french toast.. Oh my!
LOL Ms. Lesbo. What a sticky fantasy. Seriously, I could go for some pancakes right now.
A. said…
Omelets with tomatoes. They taste so much better when someone else makes them!

Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Oh that's going on our list of places to check out!

Diner breakfasts are the best. Beyond that, they almost always have really good Greek salads. I know, sad to get a salad at a diner, but that's what I like.
Anonymous said…
Love the poem.
Jeesh, why I've never been to that diner is beyond me!
John Gascot said…
Thanks a whole lot. I'm starving now!
I agree Allison. It always taste better when it's not made by me.

Sassy you so have to try this place. I don't think it would be too bad a drive for you right?

Chewy! You need to get your behind over there. I think we need to organize a blog meeting where we can discuss widgets and eat chocolate chip pancakes.

Sorry John. So am I. It's 7:48 AM and I haven't had any junk yet.

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