Let The Sun Shine In

It's almost Spring and that means Home Shows! Before you buy that two beer sunroom, please read below.

There are a lot of positives about owning a sunroom. They are wonderful to sit in and watch the snow fall or relax while a spring rain taps the glass. Along with the positives however, I discovered there are some drawbacks. 

1. Glass breaks - See bottom photo. Kids walking to school behind your house will make a game of trying to break the panels.  Little bastards.
2. Glass let's in a lot of heat in when it's sunny - It's amazing that a room can get up to 90 degrees in March in New England with no artificial heat source. I can't even talk about what happens in August. You will want to strip naked - not advisable.
3. Glass let's out a lot of heat when it's cloudy - This is why you need a heat source other than the sun (see photo one) or very thick sweatshirts so you won't end up cutting the glass with your nipples as you walk by.
4. Glass shows dog nose prints (and fanny prints if you decide to moon the people next door.)
5. Glass is see through. Which means if you decide to watch Skinamax late one evening, and your neighbors happen to look over at your house, they will know you are a dirty girl.

I don't have a sunroom anymore.  That's probably a good thing. And funny enough, I'm not in contact with any of my old neighbors from Boston. Wonder why?


How about a nice room with a couple GIANT windows in it! lol not matter what...you will always have dog nose prints! We sure do, anyway! lol
dykewife said…
i still like sun rooms though. i'd want to have retracting blinds or something to control the light/heat in summer. i'd also want about 180 acres to make sure that the neighbours couldn't find out that i'm a naughty girl...and avoid those little bastards walking home from school.
Anonymous said…
I want to be able to see out, just not let anyone see in!
Anonymous said…
How about birds flying into the reflective glass?

The things they forget to tell you when you purchase these things! Thanks for the warnings.
LilliGirl said…
Too funny. Cute room though now I am gad I don't have one.
M said…
Neat post! I do love sunrooms although blinds are absolutely required when you live in the deep south. Oh..longing for summer weather now... :)
Anonymous said…
I miss that sunroom. It was absolutely beautiful. It definitely had its pro's and con's but it was still a wonderful room. I miss it.
Anonymous said…
Yes, but it looks so beautiful...Funny post.
hey! have a good weekend!

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