Ding Dong

The doorbell rang this morning as I was drinking my strawberry banana smoothie for breakfast. Thinking it was either UPS or a neighbor, I got up, one barking Yorkie tucked under my arm, and opened the door.

I was surprised to see a man and a woman, nicely dressed, carrying some literature. "Oh, oh", I thought, "now I'm trapped, like a caged animal." They were very nice. They spoke briefly, offered me a pamphlet, which I accepted, and left.

I thought these folks would usually try to work their way into the house in order to try to sell you on their religion. Not this time.  And now I think I know the secret to prevent this from happening. I had answered the door still wearing the white t-shirt I wore to bed. And it was cold out. And I hadn't realized how much the shirt has shrunk. That's one way to get my point across without even opening my mouth.


Janet said…
So they weren't from HRC then? Lamda Legal?

nope...I guess not.

I just open the door to much, much larger dogs (that growl) it's very affective.
Anonymous said…
I had a male gay roommate who would invite the Watch Tower recruiters (Brooklyn) to sit on the porch with him. (shaking head)
or was it the doggy that scared them away? lol
dykewife said…
some morman boys (in the days when it was only boys) came around to my brother's house after a party. he answered the door in his not-so-tighty whities. being the perverse person he is, he invited them in. there these two unfortunate missionaries sat in a livingroom that reeked of beer and pot and probably a few other unsavoury odours. across from them was a roommate who was passed out on the couch, snoring loudly. they left when my brother offered them some hair of the dog that gnawed on his leg.
Anonymous said…
Hey CJ
Is it snowing over there?
Ahh, yes. I would have asked to come in.
Chewy - it is snowing! Just in time for the neighborhood cookie swap this afternoon (which is really more like a wine tasting, girl chatting, hang out party).
No MLC, unfortunately they were not. I thought maybe I had won Publishers Clearing house or something. I need to be more careful about opening my door.

I did take the Watch Tower literature and later slipped it into the jacket pocket of my friend Billy. I'm sure he is at home reading it right now.

Could have been the dog Ms. Creek. Cierra Belle must have smelled trouble. All six pounds of her. My little Rottweiler.

Oh Dykewife - that is a riot. That may have done permanent damage to those poor boys.

Ahh yes Lori - I would have invited you in! Ok, shameless flirting I know.
Anonymous said…
HA! Billy was wise to your antics and left the propaganda on your counter...it may have burned a hole in his pocket otherwise...
Shrinky said…
My da was a confirmed atheist. He always invited them in to play. Stupid bugger never thought his kids were a-listening. It's all his fault we lost big sis over to them for the best part of ten years.

Haaaaaaaaa! There is some sweet justice somewhere along this tale, no?
Landlady of Fat said…
uh thanks for the visual. LOL
John Gascot said…
I always feel that if religious people want to come to my house and give me literature, it's only fair if they'll leave with some Gay literature from me. An even exchange. That usually does the trick in getting them to move on quickly.

Also, instead of a barking yorkie under my arm, it's a 120 lb St Bernard next to me. That also helps.
SassyFemme said…
They're probably plotting to send an army to the door after work hours.

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