I'm Out Of Legs

I woke up yesterday with an itch behind my right knee. Probably a little bite I thought, from some critter one of the dogs dragged in or from a spider in the basement. By last night, it was red and swollen. By this morning, even bigger and more red. Before deciding to head off to the ER, I gave my doctor a call. The MD covering told me it was probably some sort of bite, to put some hydrocortisone cream on it, and to come into the office tomorrow if it wasn't better. Good advice, except now there is a ring around the site with is sort of wigging me out a bit. I am currently icing it. 

Part two. I went down to the basement to change the filter on the water softening system for the house. The filter sits in a cup like holder that screws onto the tank by some grooves in the top of the holder. I shut off the water, relieved the pressure in the system, and collected the water that dripped out into a dishpan. I then began to unscrew the holder, using the tool that came with the system - a hollow ring with a handle that you place around the holder and twist.  The holder was on pretty tight and I gave it a good twist, which then caused my ACL-less left knee to pop out and buckle. Then I went boom, down on my ass, into the water-filled aforementioned  dishpan and on to my side whereupon I screamed some profanities and Blondie came running down the stairs to save me. I am currently icing this knee as well.

So now I am on the couch, wondering if I will actually be able to walk once I get up and if I will be on my way to the ER at some point tonight for that monster bite which is itching like crazy.

I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.




Blondie said…
The no legs thing reminds me of a joke that my friend Juice told me recently.

What do you call a man with no arms and no legs hanging on the wall?


In the water?


There were a few more like that but of course I cannot remember them.
Velvet Ginger said…
OH geeeeeeezzzzzzz, yah I would be worried about that bite! Sorry I had to laugh aboaut the whole water softener filter changing accident....gracious me...you are certainly dangerous to yourslef...I hope you get better!!!
SassyFemme said…
Geez!!! Did you go get that bite looked at? Itching and that ring doesn't sound so good.
McMeaty said…

Here's a couple that Blondie missed.

What do you call a man with no arms and no legs at your front door?


in a pile of leaves?


by the way, thanks for shaving.

Also, looks like skiing is out of the picture for a while.
Mon said…
Good God CJ, get your ass into the ER before you can't get yourself there. Is there someone to drive you?? Sounds to me like you need a stiff drink and a good nurse!

Seriously, take care of yourself!
Ronia Nash said…
um.... I forgot what my comment was going to be. Something smart ass I'm sure.
Janet said…
Ouch I'm sorry hope you are up on your feet again soon.
Velvet Ginger said…
Ok, so what's the diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, I need a medical update! lol
ugh...your Wii game looks much safer than the crap you just went through!

sar char!
Thank you all for your nice comments. Since Velvet Ginger asked, here's the update. The MD believes it is some sort of bite, probably a spider, although she did ask if I had any snakes in my house (ewwwwww!). She gave me antibiotics and steroid cream but the area is still red and swollen. The other knee is still swollen as well but I am able to walk on it, although I look as though I have a stick up my butt or something when I walk.
Velvet Ginger said…
Thanks for the update...I hope you heal soon!!! Yah I am creeped out by her asking if you have snakes!!!
When it cools off here, we have to watch for Scorpians...cats kill them and are immune to their sting, that's why I have 2 cats!

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