Objects May Have Shifted During Travel

No use crying over spilled milk. I'm ok with that. But spilled wine, that's a different story.

The box was in the back of my SUV. I lifted the hatch and before I could react, the whole case fell on the driveway, leaving me with a look of shock and horror. "This can't be", the voice in my head yelled as my Diamond Light from Truro Vineyards on Cape Cod smashed and bled all over my driveway.

I was able to salvage 8 of the 12 bottles. After picking up the shattered glass and and licking the driveway dry, I decided that tonight is probably a good martini night. Wahhhhhhhh!


Marty said…
OMG ((((STUNNED STAMMERING)))) I did not realize that you would write of such tragedy on your blog page!
Janet said…

I am glad you were not above licking the driveway though.

Anonymous said…
I lit a candle. So sorry for your loss.

But what's that winery like -- will it help me finally get Rita to the Cape?
Anonymous said…
Oops! At least two-thirds were saved.
dykewife said…
oh my goodness!!! a tragedy of near epic proportions.
I'm sorry Marty to write such sad posts. I will try find a more upbeat topic for the next.

Yes MLC, desperate times call for desperate measures. Thank goodness the driveway had not been salted for winter yet. If it had, tequila would have been a much better choice of things to spill.

Lyn - thank you for understanding and sharing my pain. The winery is right on the edge of Provincetown. It's small, but since you get to take in both a winery and Ptown, I think you may have a shot here at convincing Rita.

That a girl Chewy. Always looking on the bright side. I like that.

I'm starting to feel a little better now Dykewife, but I am still harboring some sadness.
Blondie said…
Now THAT's alcohol abuse!
Shrinky said…
Licking the driveway clean..

Yup, classy. Love it, a girl after mine own heart here. Grin.
Anonymous said…
Oh my, so very sad!!
Fireblossom said…
I laughed out loud at the caption and picture, then realized this is a tragedy...well, for you. For me, it's the misfortunes of others, which are always wonderfully amusing.

And don't listen to Shrinky about class, she knows nothing about it. Look who she chooses for friends, people like me. No taste whatsover.
Hey Shrinky! Yes, I'm all class. Even when I am peeing outside behind a tree I try to maintain a high set of standards.

Yes, Twoladies, it was a sad day indeed.
Hello Fireblossom! Thank you for stopping by! I was LOL at your comment. A buddy of Shrinky are you? I am definitely going to pop over to your site for a visit then!

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