Basket Boat

This beautiful basket is a gift from H & B. I'm pretty sure, with a little reinforcement, that it can double as a pool float this summer. The thing is huge and filled with lots and lots of goodies, including several varieties of hot chocolate, boxes and bags of chocolate candy, and a bottle of chocolate liquor. It was opened this morning, just in time for breakfast. Yummy! I'm now looking forward to lunch.

Thank you H & B! You two rock!


Anonymous said…
The first photo is precious!
I hope the jolly fat man brings more for under your tree.
Velvet Ginger said…
Nice present for sure!!! Your babies are adorable...they are naturals in front of the camera!
Have a Blessed and Beautiful Christmas CJ!
yum! those delicious gifts are the BEST gifts of all! those little doggies are so dang cute! and will you lay on this pool float on your back deck as you did that other one...for your neighbor to peer down and wonder? lol

HAPPY and PEACEFUL holiday season, CJ!

(When are you going to post another Wii video? )
SassyFemme said…
Wow! What a great gift, and what cute dogs!

Wishing you and yours a joyous holiday!
Janet said…
I would eat everything in the basket until I was sick. Zero willpower.

Merry Christmas Chewy...I wish you a fantastic 2009!

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